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Unconditional Love

I would like to share few thoughts about an unconditional love. For the most of the adults, this kind of love is very rare and it is not experienced much. You can see this love only in the behaviour of small kids. When we were small, we were open to everything, without judgement. We were deep in the divine neutrality. Then, situations and people, who came into our life, taught us, that we could give love only to those, who „deserve“ it. This happens, when our ego reaches its peak power and starts to rule our life.

The word "unconditional" means something without conditions. We all know, what does it mean. It means to accept and respect everything with deep concern and understanding, without judgements. This kind of love is described in the Bible and also in other holy books. It is described very clearly, with examples what it is and how to perform it and also with reasons, why it is best for people to „produce“ this kind of love. So, why it is so difficult to do it?
Because we cannot love unconditionally through our Ego, through present human personality! It is simply not natural for ego to do this. And normal ego has to be forced to do it. (Many people force their egos to love others, just because it is written in the Bible mostly out of the fear, that if they won't do this, they are not „good“.) Can we achieve unconditional love with violence? No. There is another way.

Unconditional love is not a product of thinking or reasoning. It has nothing to do with ego. It is the state of awareness, in which we can only be/exist. It is a big difference to do something and to be something! For example, if you have a nice dress in your wardrobe, you can open the wardrobe and enjoy looking at the dress. If you put this dress on you, it is something else. If you don't have mirror, you cannot see it properly, because it is on you. If you do love, you can produce love and feel love toward others. If you are the love, you cannot think about love anymore, because you and love are one! If you are in the state of love, ego is just your follower, it observes, but doesn't interfere. It is silent and alert.

The way to this awareness is very simple. If you want to love unconditionally, be the love! No need of any preparations or years of practice! But, somehow it is very difficult to do it. Why? Because, we have to overcome our egos. What is the ego saying? „Oooh, I want to be it, sure, but I don't know how to do it...“ It is very difficult to explain, but "to be" is completely different from to do. Mostly, we just "are", when we are doing something we really love. We just observe, without effort to produce something, no thoughts, no past, no future. Just the reality of pure presence.

When we identify with our ego, sooner or later we have to suffer. For example, our ego analyses a lot: "Am i better (or I am worse) than others...at least some others?" The fact is, if you are better/worse than others, that means, you cannot be One with them! Your ego simply cannot stand this! Other thing is our learned and adapted opinions about life, beliefs, what is good/bad, what is proper and what is not. And, our ego has very clear idea, what it likes and wants to follow and what it doesn't like and what to avoid. And this is the real problem, our only obstacle of the personal freedom. Because unconditional love is Freedom. Freedom from our own chains and walls, which we have built in order to perfect us and protect us.What is the way to freedom?
The poet Rumi described it this way:

“Knock, And He'll open the door
Vanish, And He'll make you shine like the sun
Fall, And He'll raise you to the heavens
Become nothing, And He'll turn you into everything.”

Read more about way to personal freedom through meditation. Be aware, that if you want to have results, you need to commit for unceasing daily practice!!!
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