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Marion Daghan Malenky

Everyone has the right to live a good life with sufficient resources. Everyone can meet love of his/her life and stay with him/her for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, these extremely important things cannot be learned at school.
Marion Daghan Malenky

Marion Daghan-Malenky

White Magic is my mission and also my way of life. I am developing my magical abilities more than 30 years. In my perspective, the magic rituals can only help to create new opportunity. This means, for example love spell make the partner to desire to return back and the chance to start the relationship again is created. However, a person, who desires to have partner back, can fully use this opportunity only with a deep personal transformation, as without this transformation all problems of the relationship would arise again. For this reason I have learned to put the emphasis on combination of magic and personal development, which can be achieved through regular meditation and reading of spiritual books. There are many methods and techniques to help in this process: for example hypnosis, auto-hypnosis, relaxation techniques and the change of the life priorities. In this process have the important role also proper breathing techniques, yoga, appropriate nutrition and regular exercises. This holistic approach creates true miracles in every aspect of life.

Marion Daghan Malenky

The Master of White Magic

Marion Daghan-Malenky has many students from all over the world. The most important for her is the quality of approach to clients and students. Ms Daghan-Malenky doesn't aim for high numbers of students, she prefers working with few students who follow instructions and work diligently on their own progress. We don't offer big classes for everyone. For people interested in magical arts and spirituality, we have prepared a number of inspirational articles about Magic and Voodoo and we also recommend books published by other spiritual teachers (Recommended reading). This way can people interested in Magic receive the basic information about Magic as a life-style.

A student has to define consciously his/her priorities. Later he/she has to take control of magical theory and practice, invocations and evocations. He/she has to know in detail all major world religions and their deities. And besides this, this candidate has to practice regular meditation, in order to identify himself/herself as a soul and consciousness; in order to take control over his/her emotions and thoughts.

Marion Daghan-Malenky tries to show the path of harmonious life not only in Germany. It is the path that shows how to live better life, how to master difficult situations in life, how to deal with stress, how to gain a discipline and believe in wisdom of Higher power.

Marion Daghan-Malenky is trying to be with her own personal life-style the leading example for others. Not everyone can follow this example. It is a difficult path of constant self- improvement, discipline and continual learning.

We all make mistakes and when people are able to admit them and don't repeat them, making mistakes isn't wrong. It is human to make mistakes and it can be positive, but only when making mistakes is the process of learning and moving forward, the process of self-evolution! Magic is a personal religion adjusted to individual needs. It is also a life-style which is either lived fully, one hundred percent, or you are not a Mage.

Marion Daghan Malenky  Ritual

Marion Daghan-Malenky teaches how to achieve altered states of consciousness with the help of meditation and breathing exercises. To believe is not enough. One has to experience certain things and theories. Do we have a soul? Does God exist? Does past and future life exist? Is there a life after death? We have answers to all these questions. But to read them and to believe is not helpful enough! Every Mage and student of Magic has to have own personal experience. Real Mage/student will practice until he/she won't experience and feel the answers inside of him/her! The belief helps only half-way!! Knowledge moves mountains! And we can get all the answers in meditation, contemplation, evocation and self-research.

Daghan-Malenky teaches her clients and students all of the important issues of everyday life: how to lead others, how to deal with problems, stress, pressure at work and how to communicate properly and effectively with other people. Personal development is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual evolution. Personal development promotes harmonious and fulfilled life.

Marion Daghan-Malenky and Daghan-Malenky GmbH brings the methods of Magic to the higher level, so that there is no room for stress, disease and deficiency of anything in our lives. Marion Daghan-Malenky performs all kinds of Magic, especially Love Magic and Protective Magic. But she doesn't do everything. Magic has to have a meaning and create something better and stronger in lives of people involved!

If you really love something, let it go! If it comes back to you, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was and it’s not meant to be!

Marion Daghan Malenky

To Learn Magic

Many magical systems doesn't take into consideration certain basic steps, or they pay very little attention to the fundamental skills, which are needed to do magic safely. From my perspective, it is dangerous and foolish to start with magic without any training, to jump into contact with forces, which are more powerful than us and open ourselves to something we don't know! This can have fatal consequences for example possessions of demons, mental disorders like schizophrenia, psychosis, insomnia or depressions. The problems of beginners and possible impacts of magic on untrained people are very nicely described in the book: Auf der Suche nach Meister Arion, Johannes H. von Hohenstätten.(Unfortunately, there is no English translation)

Marion Daghan-Malenky recommends to all students of magic to become familiar with all exercises described in the book of Franz Bardon: Initiation into Hermetics. Another exercises can be found in the book of Franz Bardon: The universal Master Key. Marion Daghan-Malenky lays great emphasis on self-knowledge and self-mastery. They are the basic steps, which are needed to do magic safely. How can a student command spirits, take control over Demons or master communication with Gods, if s/he hasn't control over himself/herself? This is simply not possible!
The first and basic prerequisite for doing successful magical work is meditation and daily work on oneself! If you are looking for fast solutions of your problems, you would be really disappointed with magic and you will achieve nothing. Magic cannot be the escape from ordinary human life! Marion Daghan-Malenky recommends not only to focus on studying magic, but also to achieve practical education for normal life: studying new languages or gaining a university degree!
One of our students wanted to quit her law studies because of magic. Marion Daghan-Malenky said very clearly: "If you won't graduate at your school, you cannot became a Mage and I won't let you work in our team!" Today, she is working with us and she has successfully completed her law degree at the university.

If you don't have any experience with meditation, try some of these books:

Steve Hagen- Meditation Now or Never
Jon Kabat-Zin- Wherever you go, there you are
Glenn Mullin- Meditations To Transform The Mind
Eckhart Tolle- The power of now

The basis for magical work is to practice meditation every single day. This helps student to be in balance, which is needed for magical work. Marion Daghan-Malenky has following opinion:

"Meditation is nothing special. It is like cleaning your teeth. As well as everybody cleans his/her teeth every day, so that they are clean and healthy, every spiritually oriented person or mage meditates daily, in order to stay clean and healthy inside."

How will a student know, that he/she is ready for evocation and invocation? He/she can observe his/her inner reaction in critical situations like loosing a job, having problems with health, something doesn't go according to our plans, somebody dies... Does a student stay calm, in harmony, or not? If yes, he/she is prepared for evocations and invocations.
Later, student can use as an indicator of progress, the length of his/her thoughtless state during meditation and ability of being awake during normal daily life. Is student or mage able to concentrate fully on activity he/she is doing at the moment? Is he/she here and now? Can he/she stay in thoughtless awareness? If the answer is yes, then student can move forward.

Marion Daghan Malenky

Childhood and Youth

Marion Daghan Malenky was born on June 18th 1955 in Kassel, Germany. Her mother was very young. She lived with her parents at the time. Her father was Czech emigrant, who had come to Germany during the war.
Marion was raised in the house of her grandparents for some time. Her grandmother was dealing with magic, herbs, healing and card reading.

Marion realized very soon, that she would like to help people. In the house of her grandparents Marion had very nice childhood and she loved her grandparents very much.

But her mother met her step-father and she married him. Marion Daghan-Malenky should also be integrated in the new family. However, all she experienced there were quarrels, humiliation and sexual-abuse from the step-father.

Marion became a sister of Alfred, Walter, Hans Jürgen, Karin und Carola. Her siblings always found their ally against the father in their big sister. Daily reality of these kids were beating and alcohol.
In1969 her hateful step-father died. Has her life improved? No. Her mother met another man.

Marion Daghan-Malenky was happy only with her grand-parents. There she experienced love and joy. She was learning more and more techniques of magic and later, she was allowed to be present also at magical rituals of her grandmother. Grandmother taught Marion also how to collect herbs and a number of other skills she had.

Marion Daghan Malenky never spoke about this with her Grandmother, because she was so happy with her, she wanted to forget everything bad for a while.

When she was older, she started to work in an office. Her employers were very good people and when they realised, what is happening to Marion at home, they contacted state agency for youth. Marion Daghan Malenky was separated from the family and started to live in a foster home. New chapter of her live begun. She stayed there for three years.
Forgiveness is a decision, which is against our ego, therefore it is so difficult to do!

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Marion Daghan Malenky

Marriage and meeting with death

Young Marion liked to go outside, to meet new friends and enjoy life. One day, she met in a dancing club a man of her dreams, an officer Erwin. She hesitated first, but then they started dating together. He loved Marion very much and Marion could finally experience love and nearness she was longing for. Erwin was from the beginning on her side, it was him who encouraged Marion to call her Grandmother. Marion was scared to do so, because she thought, Grandmother wouldn't understand it. But the opposite was the truth. When she finally called her, Grandmother started to cry and said: "Thank to God you called us. We were so worried, what is with you. We prayed every day for you!". From that day, Marion started to visit her Grandmother again and she was very happy to be reunited in such a nice and loving family.

….." Suddenly, I saw in my dream a tall old man with grey hair. His face shone with love and goodness. He spoke to me and his words were full of love:„What do you fear Anuri? You are supposed to give love to this soul, because his time is running very quickly. Your journey begins. You will have often doubts. But whatever will come, at the end, everything will be all right. Let the unknown to lead you.“ I woke up, drenched in sweat, my heart was beating fast. The dream was so strong, I wasn't sure, if it was just a dream or reality. I was confused: Am I really crazy?" My rational mind wasn't able to explain it. Next day, I told about my dream my friend. She listened to me carefully and replied: „Marion, I knew there is something different about you. Let things just happen and believe yourself. I have an uncle in Brazil, we can go there together.“ So, we decided to go there, but there were something else waiting for me and our holiday had to wait.

Several days later, I had very strong pain in my back. My boss told me: "My dear, you are certainly pregnant!" I was so scared. Me and pregnant? Thousands questions were spinning in my head… Next day I went to a doctor and he confirmed my pregnancy. Erwin was very happy and he told that to his parents. They wanted to meet me. I wasn't 18, so, according to the law, if I wanted to marry, I needed approval of my mother. So, I had to come after many months to the contact with my mother again. I didn't want to! So, I told Erwin everything about my previous life. He just listened and cried. Then he told me: "Marion, now I know, why were your eyes so sad. Don't worry. I love you and I will be here for you now and forever!" Erwin then told me, that he is dreaming about having two sweet daughters. In that moment, my heart was filled with love and I was looking forward to my future.

Then, I planned my wedding with my grandmother. She contacted my mother and told her: "Marion will have a baby and you will give her your approval for marriage!" So, my mother agreed. We met in the house of my grandmother. I was very scared, but my grandmother was there and she was protecting me. My mother did the wedding preparations. Before wedding, I had to go and meet my future parents-in law. I was very ashamed. I was just a girl from a foster home, had nothing to offer except my love… I was scared. When we arrived to their house, Erwin's father was already waiting for us. He came down, shinning with joy, he hugged me and told me:" If my son loves you, you have to have a pure heart. " His mother was also very nice and loving. My fear disappeared. I was welcomed. I was loved from the first moment. I was treated like their next child.

The wedding was just like a dream. I was so happy. Erwin wanted to make a faster progress in his career, so he was often away, taking different courses and further education. We were so happy together. Past was forgotten. We were real family, me, him and our little angel girl. After some time, I had again a bad dreams, I felt so much fear. I thought it was just the reaction of my body to all changes and motherhood. I went to doctor and he told me, that I am again pregnant. Erwin was very very happy, looking forward to have his second child. My second daughter was born on May. Erwin visited us that day and wanted to celebrate this happy event with all his friends. They went to a dancing club.

Next morning I expected my husband to come, but instead of him, police officer came and told me, that last night, my Erwin had terrible car accident. He was lying in coma in the hospital. They need me to identify him. Two weeks later, he died. My world was completely broken. The destiny gave me again a hard blow.

Where are my hopes and dreams? Nothing left. My childhood has gone, my youth has gone, I had nothing, only pain. The man, who gave me so much love and respect, who was such a great support for me, passed away. My mother-in-law passed away three years later because of her broken heart. Her husband died three years later after his wife. He had cancer. But this was not the end. Another blow had come early. My beloved grandmother died. Someone, who was so dear to me, I loved her so much. Why this happened to me? I had so big pain in my heart. I couldn't stand it. I blamed God. I was not able to cry from such a pain.

Now I already know, why my my path on this earth started with so many painful, scary and hopeless situations. they should learn me to let go. I experienced everything: despair, fear, hatred, pain. Therefore, I can deeply understand all sorrows and problems of other people and can also help with understanding and advice.

My experience with hospice care

After my grandmother had passed away, I started to work in a hospice. I experienced strong desire to help and serve the others, to bring the light into life of other people. I felt, and it was also confirmed to me, that it was the right decision. I witnessed it through my work with these tested souls, which were long time in coma and which were leaving this world.
There was a patient, who was lying in hospice for four years in the state, which is very hard and sad to describe. She somehow knew, when I entered the room and reacted on my presence. I hugged her and spoke to her, so that she could feel, that she wasn't alone and someone loved her. Another patient had very strong pain and big fear. She always awakened, when she heard my voice. She wanted me to take care of her and called me "White Angel". If you show a little understanding, you would receive back from old and dying people a huge gratitude.
I remember few situations, when my patients were passing away. I had the feeling, there is "something" in room. The dying person ofter talked to somebody, who couldn't be seen, pointed with his hand to a corner, where this person, I couldn't see, was standing. They were looking that direction, smiling, and I could feel a power, which made my body moved and I had from it goosebumps. Or sometimes, the door opened and closed alone, without any logical reason. This way, through experiences I had, I was moving further on my way, towards spirituality.

Marion Daghan Malenky

Magic as a way of life and path to happiness.

I, Marion Daghan-Malenky want to teach my clients and students, that we can achieve happiness only by self-knowledge. We are eternal, immortal beings. The saints in different countries and periods of time were speaking about it, they name it as soul, consciousness, light, love or energy. First we have to find and feel our souls, only then we will find and experience also eternity, joy and happiness. Of course, soul is always here, it cannot be found, we have to become it, be it. Only then we will feel in our lives bliss and joy. Especially, people of modern western societies have achieved so much. The most people in Germany, Austria or Switzerland are not starving, they have enough food, a home, work and car….
Despite of all these things people have, things which make their lives comfortable and safe, many of them are most of the time unhappy and stressed. Why? Because we can be happy, only when we experience eternity and we can experience eternity only when we can calm down our minds full of thoughts and feel the silence behind.
There are many sincere people, who really want to find their true essence. For those who really want to achieve something, it won't be sufficient to believe in God and soul. What helps, is to experience and feel them. By achieving this, people will automatically think positive and live without fear. And how can we achieve that? I, Marion Daghan-Malenky have developed a method, which will safely and continually increase personal energy and awareness. It is a blend of Meditation, reading of spiritual and magical literature and a healthy way of life. Spiritual books will inspire you, how to deal with problems in a different way, they will give you new ideas and points of view. Meditation is important, because we can feel and experience certain knowledge and truth only inside of us. Meditation should be supported also with special breathing exercises. Deep truths can be experienced only in strong and healthy body. Therefore, I, Marion Daghan-Malenky, recommend also eating healthy food, drinking pure water or a tea and practicing reasonable physical exercise.
Translated from: Marion Daghan-Malenky

„A fight is going on inside of everybody head… It is between two wolves. One is evil–he is ego, anger, arrogance, sorrow, greed, inferiority, lies and other is good – he is love, joy, hope, peace, truth, compassion, and faith."
"Which wolf will win?" 💡 “The one you feed.“