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Sex & Magic

Sexual magic or sex magic is a very important topic these days. In today’s world, many people suffer from depression, inability to relate, and problems with attachments in relationships.

We are all One. The beginning of the creation of the universe was a word, energy and intention. At first, there was only the mind, love and the soul which became matter.

We gave two opposite poles, two sexes so that we can develop better as beings and having sex is not a sin. The issue is not whether or not to have sex, but just like the food we put in our bodies, the question is about the quality…about what, how much and why. Anyone who eats too much or too little will suffer. And anyone who tries to use food as a way to relieve stress or find fulfilment will fail. It’s the same thing with sex!

Sex can be a way to the access the Divine, because we can experience ‘Oneness’ or ‘We are all one’ through sex. When experienced with passion, tenderness and feeling, sex can take us to heaven but when approached with violence, torment and selfishness, it can open the door to hell.

Unfortunately, these days far too much attention is placed on the techniques of sex rather than the soul and heart behind it. Sex without heart, without feeling is not good for our soul just like fast food is not good of our stomach. Anyone who just focuses on using different techniques such as Fifty Shades of Gray or something similar, and leaves out their heart and feelings, is not using sex properly. There is a very good American psychologist named Dr. David Schnarch who has written several famous books on the topic of sex and intimate relationships — Intimacy & Desire: Awaken the Passion in Your Relationship is one of his books in which the techniques he describes such as keeping your eye open during a kiss or leaving your eyes open during the very act of love, are very good for connecting to your partner with heart and soul.

Of course, it’s just a technique and you should not use it compulsively — it’s not about glueing with tape to keep them open! It’s about connecting to your partner not just on the physical level, but much deeper! Dr. Snarch also recommends many other techniques that are useful such as while caressing your partner, putting all your attention to bringing love in that caress. It’s not about the technique but rather the heart and the feelings involved. If you touch someone with all of your heart, they will fell it. Through this kind of sex we can clearly perceive and feel the unity between two people or even the unity between man and God. This unity can only be felt through the soul and through love. Another technique recommended is a long hug, where you stay holding each other until you start to relax. This can take a few seconds or even several minutes and can increase the intimacy between partners.

If you use these techniques without heart and use, you will not get any benefits or reuses from them. It’s just like in prayer and meditation, it’s not just about the technology! If I look at a candle while meditating, but all I’m thinking about is sex, is that a real meditation? Of course not! Similarly, I can pray and while praying think about how I would like to have the new BMW, and is that a real prayer? Of course not. When it comes to love, it is the same. When you’re really passionate about your partner, if you want to feel and touch your partner not only with the body, but also with the soul, with all of your attention, then you can really connect with this person and their soul. And you will connect so strongly that you will feel each and understand each other’s soul. This creates much more intimacy between you and your partner and this intimacy brings much more intensity to your lovemaking.

Many couple start having problems in bed after some time because they approach sex as kind of a trade. The woman thinks ‘I sleep with you and in exchange you buy me something for that, you give me security’. The man thinks ‘I need your body to reward me and to feel good’. And they use this trade as a way to say ‘I love you’.

When it comes to love, you cannot act. You have to be honest with yourself and with your partner. You have to express your thoughts and feelings, to tell your partner what pushes you… even if it is painful. Being true in this way, and telling your partner the truth, the words and intimacy can lead to something higher during sex and the relationship gets deeper in this way.

This means, I feel God in me. I feel God in my partner and so we can support each other and progress together on the path of love.

If you use sex and sexual magic as a tool to live off of some sick techniques, no one will enjoy it. To go back to the food analogy, it’s not how much you eat, but how healthy you eat.

Sex is not sinful, but then why did they always tell us that it is? Different religions spread the dogma of sex being useful in order to be able to control and manipulate people! These ‘clubs’ of organized religions say ‘if you feel sexual desire or have had sex, you are a sinner and you have to do what we tell you, otherwise you will go to hell! You must be a member of our club to make your sins disappear’. We can clearly see the double standards here, because many of those who preached such things had an active sex life themselves. Children were used in monasteries or elsewhere, they were used for sick rituals. This is not the right spiritual path or the way to God.

The power of magic comes from our soul. When our soul is realized, that is, when our individuality connects with our soul, we can get unimaginable powers.

This is the energetic structure of man in the invisible world (the human energy structure in the invisible world). We have to use this power wisely. Just like eating good food can give us energy, eating bad food can weaken us or even kill us. Sex can open the door to heaven for us or it can open the door to death.

There have been many misunderstandings because many holy women or men sacrificed their sexuality in order to reach the higher goal. There were in the history of humankind, a group of women, priestesses who used their sexuality to ‘fly’ into heaven through their climax, bringing back and generating this spiritual life force for the good of all humans and Mother Earth. These priestesses were called the ‘Allats’ or ‘birds of heaven’ because they stood with one foot on earth and on in another world. These women gave their energy to others through certain rituals.

Men can also gather their sexual energy and thus gain more power to serve as a protective knight or a warrior of truth. But you cannot get this if you think that sex is bad. Sexual energy is not negative, it is something that is completely natural and normal. Only the person who serves the divine within is able to transform this sexual energy and to guide it to the higher centers and access special powers. If someone is interested in getting nothing but power through sex, and they are not sufficiently spiritually evolved and humble, the sexual energy will turn against them and they will become mentally ill and end up in a mental institution.

Inside of you are two doors which you have to go through in order to transform your sexual energy. At these doors you have to prove your purity, wisdom and love for God. So you have to gain a lot of outward wisdom first. Reading various scriptures from all over the world is highly recommended. You also have to gain inner wisdom, which means you have to understand how your mind, your ego and your consciousness works. How do our thoughts deceive us and how can we can we go beyond them? In order to answer these questions, you have to be able to control your own thoughts and feelings by first understanding where they come from. You can learn more about this here: 5 inner voices.
You can transform your sexual energy only when you are ready. If you try to use it to gain magical powers or to pursue your own selfish goals, it will backfire on you and you will just go crazy. This is why sexual magic or Sex as such, can be a door to heaven when you open it with your heart and soul, because they you will see that we are all One; or it can open a door to hell when you approach it selfishly. This is a very delicate topic, and I recommend for anyone interested in this to watch the broadcast of Allatra TV: Sex and the Spiritual Path as well as to read the following books of David Schnarch: Intimacy & Desire: Awaken the Passion in Your Relationship, and The Psychology of Sexual Passion
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