Magic & Meditaiton

How they work together


Meditaiton & White Magic

Marion Daghan-Malenky

In order to perform magical rituals properly, we need to concentrate strongly on our target. Sometimes it means several hours of concentration on the subject! So, it is necessary to get rid of thoughts, which distract concentration and spoil magical work. Meditation is important also for our daily magical work. It helps us to focus properly, to visualise things we need and to enter the trance state.

Meditation also helps us to balance our life with our inner self. Try this simple meditation exercise, which helps you to relax easily:

Sit down comfortably. Breathe in and out for 12-times. With every breath, relax yourself more and more. Try to observe, how you are calming down and you are able to stay for several minutes in peace. Your blood pressure is going down, and you are able to let go your stress.

This simple exercise is not meditation itself. It helps to start the experience of meditation.

Meditation is not mere relaxation. You can relax yourself also in sauna or massage. Meditation really starts in the moment, we focus inside of us, onto our inner processes, which, later, we will be able to influence. Breathing exercises are very effective for calming down and focus, especially, when we are stressed. Try to do them every time, when you are stressed. But, as we said before, they are not meditation yet. To calm down before demanding business meeting or conversation is a good thing! But you can experience meditation only if you enter the state without thoughts. It is like a positive drug, which is free of charge:-) You do not need anything and anyone to feel free and good, and you know your true nature and God hidden within.
Meditaiton and Magic
Meditaiton is not just relaxation. In meditation, we observe and understand our inner processes and we use this knowledge for increasing our personal power.
Meditation cannot be learned in several weeks. It is similar when you start with some sport. You will not become like Arnold Schwarzenegger immediately, or you will not run a marathon in less than 3 hours in two months. This works in a same way also with meditation and spiritual practice. It is not possible to achieve thoughtless awareness or to travel to astral plane immediately. First, you need to start with meditation exercises, to achieve through discipline and hours and hours of practice inner peace and gain balance and stability. This way, more love and joy will enter our life and this will increase our personal power.

When we go for the first training to gym, we will probably get a "muscle fever". In a same way, many meditation beginners have problem with too much of thoughts and emotions. How to overcome that? Continue in your effort. Because it is normal not to have results at the beginning. During meditation, simply watch thoughts and images
to come and go freely. Then, they will not stay. Do not fight it. Allow them to come and do not pay any attention to all of these images and thoughts, they will slowly disappear. Then, you mind can relax. And you can deeper connect also with your inner self, the soul.

The prerequisite for success in meditation is to do it regularly every day! You can meditate only if you have positive approach toward it. Meditation should be your reward. In meditation you reward yourself with feelings of freedom, peace and harmony. If you want to get instant results in thoughtless awareness or special powers, do not even start with it, because you will be disappointed. Only people, you are sincerely looking for answers and self- knowledge will be rewarded! At the beginning, it is good to start in a small group of people, they will motivate you. Later, for achieving deeper state of meditation, try to do it alone or in presence of some master.

Why to meditate?

The most important motivation for doing meditation is to know the truth. We all carry the same questions inside: Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where did i came from and where i will go after death? Why are these things happening to me? The answers from books will not satisfy us for long. They will satisfy just mind, create belief, but it cannot make us sure for 100%. To be 100% sure, we need to experience it. We need to experience, that we are immortal, eternal beings connected together. To know, that we are like cells of one body, which are connected and which are stronger, if they support each other. If we decide to experience this, to prove this hypothesis, we have also motivation for meditation practice. Because thoughtless awareness is the place, where this magic of knowing oneself is happening. 
We can escape from prison only if we know, that we are in prison.