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<i>Magic</i><i>Good or Bad?</i>
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MagicGood or Bad?

Is Magic good or bad?

Marion Daghan-Malenky

People ask me again and again:” Is Magic good or it is bad? Where is the border between good and bad?”

There is no rule which can be valid for all situations. This question can be answered only individually, because the answer depends on the situation. Everything can be used for good and also for evil purpose. I can use pencil for drawing. And the result is a beautiful image. But if I use a pencil in rage, I could poke somebody's eye out! Snake's venom is a poison and can kill. But you can also use it for healing purposes, if you know, for which diseases it is good, in which doses and how often it should be administered.

Magic and Voodoo are neutral. They can similarly heal, dissolve fears and unite people in love but they can also manipulate, block or destroy. Many people have fear from Voodoo, because they know its bad image from media. In Haiti was Voodoo used in the war for independence. The Voodoo rituals were used as a defence, for destruction of the white dominators. Was it good or bad? Was it bad to fight this way instead of fighting unarmed against submachine guns and firearms?

People can review the magical work of Pavol Malenky and Marion Daghan- Malenky only on the individual basis. Their individual experience and the final result will tell them, if the Magic was good or bad.

Love magic is good in situation, when two people who love each other are not together only because they have inner fears, which block them to be together and to give openly their love. Especially today, in this age of fast way of life, many people are blocked by unworked experience from childhood and previous relationships. They carry with them the burden of their past and this spoils their present life and happiness. And this burden doesn't allow them to have healthy happy relationship. Is it good or bad to open somebody this way and to enable him/her to have normal relationship?

Love Magic can be also bad, if someone use it just to fulfil his/her own selfish desires without taking into consideration the well-being and happiness of the partner. In this case, we should not call this a love, only a desire to own someone.

Of course, acts against the free will, or conscious manipulations with the help of magic, will bring nothing good! As we said before, the situation has to be judged carefully from the both sides- client and magician. They have to carefully and openly examine their deep motives and intentions. Both of them have to be aware of the Law of Karma, the Law of action and reaction. To be aware that everything, what we do, comes back to us.

Distinction between good and bad

is very relative

There are many examples, which show us, how relative is the definition of good and bad. The concepts of what is “good” and “bad” vary from one country to another, they are changing in time and have different meaning in every religion.
For example, 300 years ago was for women impossible to hold certain positions or to have a right to vote! In that time, it was marked as “bad”.

The genocide of Native Americans or slavery in North America was seen that time as something necessary and needed. That time, it was marked as “good”. Today we think that it was very bad.

We can mention here many examples from present situation: Russia and its politics, situation in muslim world, or politics of Israel. What one side thinks is wrong, the other side thinks it is right!

We (Marion Daghan-Malenky and Pavol Malenky) don't want to make here any judgements about what is good or what is bad. We just want to show here, how relative are concepts of “good” and “bad”. They depend on individual situation and perception of every single person. Many people think that politics of Mr. Putin is good, and at the same time, many think that it is bad. The same situation is in case of politics of Israel or jihad.

We (Marion Daghan-Malenky and Pavol Malenky) perform our Magic and Voodoo in a way, which is from out point of view, our belief and level of understanding marked as good and positive. Some people maybe see it in a different way. And it is all right.

Everyone does at the present moment the best s/he can. And the quality of the output depends on his/her spiritual level, his/her stage of development and understanding.

Everything in this world is interconnected. We can say, that it is infectious. Good things as well as bad things. For example, if you are nervous, this emotional state of you will have a tendency to produce the same feeling in people around you. If you are strong and healthy, those that live near you will also have the tendency to become strong and healthy. If you are sick and weak, those around you will have the tendency to become the same.

Magic is to follow the Law of Nature

Nature has no distinction between good or bad. The Law of Nature is valid for everyone, always. If you are in resonance with it, it will bring you prosperity. If you go against it, it will destroy you. From human point of view we can say, that nature has no mercy, no principles. But from higher point of view, the Law of the Nature is the highest principle, which gives the world its order and enables it to survive and evolve. Therefore, good magic is not just about rituals, it is also about helping people to achieve this resonance, this harmony with the Law of Nature again, so that they can prosper and can live life in balance and peace.

Ethics of the Love Magic

Many people are not sure, if it is moral to use love magic and spells for attraction of dream-partner or reunion of ex-partner. First thing you have to do is to look inside your heart, inside your most secret thoughts… Why do you want that partner? How deep is your love? There is big difference between real love and desire to possess somebody. Real love gives freedom and respects partner. It accepts him/her as s/he is. Don’t need to change him/her. Pure intentions lead you to your own transformation, because first you have to change yourself and only then you are able to improve your relationship!
Magic speaks often about sacrifices. Some magicians suggest to sacrifice something very precious or expensive, in order to show that you are serious. Most things you possess have just came to you and are not really yours. Therefore, the biggest and most valuable sacrifice is your own transformation. Sacrifice then your weaknesses and transform. Your effort and pain will move the worlds! Become better version of yourself, improve your personality, qualities, understanding, communication.
If your desire is pure, it is worthy for us to fight on your side and to help you to gain back his/her love! We are just an instrument you use in order to reach your desire. We can counsel you, say our point of view, but it must be you who takes the responsibility. If you are able to take responsibility and to love without expectations and conditions, white magic will work for you, because you bring more happiness and love to the world.

How does the love magic work? We create a Thought Form with specific goal, which is in the case of love magic to win the attention of the dream partner and make him to give a second chance to our client. This Thought Form is released to the Astral plane. The Thought Form finds the dream partner and inspires him or her, so that s/he wants to see and meet our client. The task of our client is to get ready for the second chance, to change those things, which caused the problem, and to transform to better version of him/herself. Because only if we change and improve, the love magic has sense and can create harmony and happiness, which last long!

„A fight is going on inside of everybody head… It is between two wolves. One is evil–he is ego, anger, arrogance, sorrow, greed, inferiority, lies and other is good – he is love, joy, hope, peace, truth, compassion, and faith."
"Which wolf will win?" 💡 “The one you feed.“