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The sacrifice doesn't mean to kill an animal every time you make a ritual! Sacrifice can be a material thing like a piece of cloth, flowers, money etc. It can also be some action like helping others, making personal progress, disposing of a bad habit.

Magic practice

Marion Daghan-Malenky

There are two rules of success on the spiritual path:

The first and the most important rule is following: people interested in magical and voodoo practice should perform rituals according to their way of thinking and personal belief. The experience is showing us, that every person should be attuned in a different way. Every Adept or Mage is different. One prefers Hinduism, other Chaos magic, another is connected with Christianity. It is ok. Find and accept your inclinations and preferences and do a ritual in a way, which is for you comfortable and makes you feel confident. There are many different life situations and also many ways, how to solve the problem.
People, who need magical help, are very different and we need to take their individualities into consideration. For example, we would like to do a love magic ritual. We personally prefer to perform ritual with the presence of Goddess Erzulie. But sometimes we would feel very strong with Maria Magdalena on our side and very often we evoke also hindu love God Shiva. It is because we need to adjust energies to the needs of our clients, in order to receive them and feel the help of Gods. Before doing any ritual, it is needed to speak with the client about his/her personal believes and preferences. If the client is a Christian, the white magic rituals would be performed with the help of Maria Magdalena or Mother of God Maria. The experience of Marion Daghan-Malenky has shown, that such preferences have a big role.

Experience with magic has showed us precisely, that the Mage has to take into account also climate, weather, position of the moon, sun as well as the influence of planets. Very important is also actual energy state of a Mage! If the Mage doesn't feel all right, s/he has to postpone the ritual, even if other conditions are good.

The personal preferences of a Mage are very important. It won't work, if somebody just blindly copies the ritual from the book, without any feeling and identification with evoked God and used technique. If an Adept or Mage believe in another God or Power, s/he should evoke such a God/power! Every person, especially a Mage has his/her helper and guardian in the other world, it can be a spirit or friend from previous life. First of all, Mage has to be able to connect and communicate with a spirit or Deity, so that s/he can make it clear, if s/he receives some help and under which conditions. To handling of such a task, adept/mage needs practice. We know that very well from our own experience. This practice includes daily meditation practice and training of Astral travels!

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Magic and sacrifice

There are many options what accessories and sacrifices can be used for rituals. The power of Magic depends on a power of the Mage himself/herself. Mage alone has to decide what he/she can use and wants to use. When a Mage has an aversion to perform certain sacrifice, he/she doesn't have to try it because such sacrifice will not be accepted. Of course, there are some exceptions. Some Deities would come only if a Mage brings certain sacrifice. A Mage is reliant upon his/her own practice in order to gain his/her own experiences and to find particular things and actions that bring success and recognise the ones that are not working at all! All experiences should be written into his/her private magical notebook as we are human beings and we tend to forget things after some time! Rituals have also different timing and duration which are needed for success. Mage should observe these and record all experiences. What is a sacrifice? This is often misunderstood. The sacrifice doesn't mean to kill an animal every time you make a ritual! Sacrifice can be a material thing like a piece of cloth, flowers, money etc. It can also be some action like helping others, making personal progress, disposing of a bad habit. The objects used in a ritual do not need to be burnt.
They can be used by other people and it is more suitable to donate those things. Only demons are interested in animal sacrifices and they can provide you with no real help, on the contrary only with misery. By evocation of negative spirits and demons one puts himself into enormous danger. People who practiced such rituals ended very often in a psychiatry ward... Marion Daghan-Malenky warns Students agains calling or evoking such entities! Her experiences have shown that a demon would destroy the whole family of a Mage. Here is one short story from India: A priest wanted to sacrifice a goat. Suddenly, a goat started to laugh like a man. The priest was puzzled and he asked the goat: “Why are you laughing?” The goat answered: “ In my previous life I was also a priest who had to sacrifice goats. That's why I had to be born hundred times as a goat, in order to become a man and a priest again.”
The priest wasn't able to kill the goat anymore. Then he saw the goat crying bitterly. "Why are you crying?" the priest asked. The goat answered: “ I'm crying for you. You will die soon and you will be born as a goat hundred times.” From this day onwards the priest have not killed an animal again.

Experience with Magic

In order to perform efficient rituals, self-discipline is needed! One cannot do successful magic without discipline. Experience has shown me, that without control of one's thoughts and emotions, one cannot achieve balance and power needed for performing the strong magic. The effect will be opposite- the magic will strengthen one's unbalance.

Misaligned people full of passions and anger should not try to do Magic and rituals, they will never succeed. Magic will, on the contrary, amplify their negative qualities and fears! For example, if someone has bad temper and get angry easily, magic can make him even more angry, or if someone has fear of darkness, this fear becomes much bigger.
Another strong barrier for successful ritual is fear. Do you have a fear during ritual, that something would go wrong or you can do something improperly? Then that exact thing will happen! And this is absolutely certain! This have shown me my long- term experiences. When we dread something and we will do in this state of mind a ritual, our fears will manifest themselves. That's why every Mage has to get rid of his/her fears first and only then perform a ritual.

Why wasn't my ritual successful?

As we have already mentioned earlier, without self-discipline, there is no successful magic. Another frequent mistake of students of magic is that they don't take into consideration law of analogy, they don't include analogies into their rituals. For example, somebody wants to perform love ritual and s/he would like to call for help Venus-intelligence Hagiel. For this purpose, s/he should use number 7 or 49, light up green candle and use cinnamon as fragnance. The ritual should be performed on Friday during the hour of Venus. When we want to increase the love, we should perform ritual by waxing moon. Minerals good for this purpose are: emerald, sapphire, green jasper or aquamarine. Plants, which belong to Venus, are: verbena, valerian and (Adiantum) maidenhair fern. Fruit, which can be used for ritual is for example: pear, fig and orange, because they are sweet. Roses, as well as geranium are also devoted toVenus. For the purposes of sexual magic should be used vanilla, rose, rose- apple, violet and jasmine. Animals connected with Venus are: dove, cat, bull, pelican, seal... Good places for this type of magic are: fields, gardens, springs, or bedrooms...

Success also depends on one's personal state of awareness, purity and appropriate sacrifices! Demons like fresh flesh. Hagiel, high Venus intelligence, wants fresh flowers and cinnamon fragnance. Metathron requires from mage a personal development, something what won't be easy to do... You should know truly well the Deity that you would like to invocate! If you don't understand the Deity, his/her character and preferences, you wouldn't be able to predict what kind of action and behavior will persuade him/her to communicate with you... and the success of whole ritual depends on this connection!

At the end I would like to stress out, that always are important three things: proper concentration, meditation and prayer! Compose a song for a Deity and sing it from your whole heart! This will bring you success. If you can't sing, you can draw something that pleases the Deity. Draw a sigil of a Deity and put it on the altar! Use colors which the Deity likes! Prepare for him/her something personal and pray faithfully! This is way how to succeed and maybe s/he will also appear in from of you!

For beginners can be working with analogies very difficult, but it is necessary to use them. A Master can make an astral trip with his/her energy body and s/he can visit Hagiel directly in his realm. But for people, who haven't reach such a level or are forbidden to visit such places, using analogies is only way to succeed in performing efficient ritual.

A Student has to have sincere interest and belief in certain Deity. Deity or Spirit is able to feel the truth. Why should s/he come, if there is no pure intentions and mage is just playing some game?

Some people try to overcome spirits by force- with the help of magic staff or ritual knife. Would you believe someone or would you be nice to somebody, who is threatening you with a knife? Wouldn't be above mentioned sincere “Please” more powerful? Surely yes... That's why I recommend you to be polite and do your best. Spirits and Deities exist for a very long time, they have great knowledge and power. With statement like: "You have to to this! Otherwise I will show you!", you will not succeed...

Student of Magic speaks

How to study Magic?

Quite often, people ask us they want to became our students of Magic. We try to give chance to everyone. Our instructions and recommendations are simple. They look maybe too simple, and therefore many people don't follow them. It is because this “profession” needs discipline and unceasing daily work on yourself. Many people want to be a great Magician with supernatural powers. They want it immediately, without any effort. And this is great mistake! Because in order to become powerful, you need to build this power, go through your own mistakes, doubts, failures and fears and weaknesses. This process prepares you for the initiation. The journey is initiation itself! Because initiation is not the procedure, which gives you some special powers (which you didn't have before the ceremonial). Initiation is the result of your previous deeds and activities.

Every Mage has his/her own method, how to proceed in order to have results. We are speaking just about our methods, because they have brought us results. Our method is based on combination of meditation, spiritual reading and implementation of what you have found out in books and meditation into practice. Together with instructions, energy and support received from White Magic Master, it opens the door to successful Magic…

So MEDITATION is first important prerequisite for being a successful Mage. Under the word of meditation we don't mean just sitting with closed eyes and trying to calm down. This word in our language includes: to be aware of one's thoughts and feelings, observing situation in our life and trying to improve weaknesses, active work with unconscious- transformation of blocks and fears... It requires to meditate every day, most often twice- in the morning and in the evening. Together with meditation, it is good to do some yoga exercises in order to support material body. It is because for dealing with energies, your body has to be strong and healthy. We also eat healthy foods. Unhealthy foods takes your energy and one cannot perform successful magic with low energy!

Second important activity is reading of spiritual and occult books. As we already wrote earlier, it is not just reading. If something from a book is good for our magical practice, we try to learn it, experience it and adjust to our needs. Books are full of knowledge and experience of others and one can find there counsel and inspiration for his/her path. Other reason is, that a mage has to know lots of things. We can compare it to some other occupations- for example doctors. They also need to educate themselves during whole life. If you don't want to end as a juggler, you have to work and transform every day!

Drawing©white magic/Slavka Stresnakova

Another important aspect is to improve one's individual personality. If you want to deal with positive Gods, you have to be pure, otherwise they won't bother to speak with you. This work requires to do your best every day in your ordinary life, and also to control one's anger and fear, so that they don't rule the life. When you take control over your own life, you will be prepared for Magic!

Many people untruly think, that mage has to be “special”, living some kind of “magical” life, not being involved in ordinary human joys and problems. The opposite is the truth! One can keep the common sense only by living deeply in our world. It is an anchor for the journeys to the other worlds. And the best way how to get skills for successful magic is to live successful life in its wholeness- school, relationships with others, partner & children, job & finance, plans for the future… If you are successful here, you are already performing successful magic, because you are able to attract and keep welfare in your life! Magic should be the way of life, the tool for personal transformation and evolution. Magic should be under our control, not the opposite...that we are under the control of magic...

How to make White Magic work for you

Development tips from our experience

    Practice daily meditation
Every day, our brain has to process and filter thousands of impulses and information from everywhere. We cannot avoid this. Nowadays is not a problem to get an information, but to choose, which information from many possibilities is right and make proper decision. It is extremely useful to relax our mind and to find in stillness of meditation the right direction and the meaning of our existence. Without this, our lives has no sparkle and no joy. If we are overwhelmed by impulses and information, we experience chaos. Then, our life is just series of reactions to what is coming, and we cannot consciously control it and lead to desired the direction. For those, who want to practice magic, it is essential to be able to calm down and to practice focus and concentration. Without proper concentration, one cannot perform successful magic.
    Read spiritual books
It is said, that “Leaders are readers.“ And it is true. When someone writes about some topic, s/he has certainly many experiences and wisdom in certain area. Why not to learn and copy good practice and therefore avoid many mistakes and searches? Remember, a mage constantly increases personal power. What makes us more powerful? Knowledge. So, the real output we should get from reading is knowledge. And knowledge comes to us by using wisdom from books in the practice of our lives.
    Be open and flexible
Be open to new ways and opportunities. If something doesn't work this way, it could work in another way. This way we change our world. 30 year ago, no one used internet or cell phone. Today, we cannot imagine our business and private life without it! It is important to know and use new technologies and things… Mage increases his/her personal power also by trying new, different things, changing personal perspectives and approaches. This way, observation and experience will show us, what in our lives should be changed and what should stay.
    Meet people, who are successful in the area you would like to enter.
In general, 50% of our actions are not what we want to do, but what our environment expect us to do. So, it is useful to search for people „on the same level“. Therefore, friendships and environment we live in are very important part of our lives, because they can motivate us or hinder us. If the place you are currently in, does not support you in your goals, find some better place and move there.
    Overcome fear! Everyone makes mistakes! Never give up!
Many people don't act, because they are afraid of failure. This is not right! When we were small kids, how many times we fell on the ground, till we learned to walk, didn't we? Imagine, that a kid would say „I have failed thousand times. I simply cannot achieve that! Maybe it was not meant for me to walk or run in this life. Maybe I am simply too weak to to that…“. This is fortunately not the reality, kids do not analyse, but they try to walk again and again, till they learn it properly…. School system deals with mistakes in very bad way- with punishment. And this stays in our unconscious also after we leave school. But we have to make mistakes. It is normal to make mistakes. It is a way, how to learn and develop ourselves…

„A fight is going on inside of everybody head… It is between two wolves. One is evil–he is ego, anger, arrogance, sorrow, greed, inferiority, lies and other is good – he is love, joy, hope, peace, truth, compassion, and faith."
"Which wolf will win?" 💡 “The one you feed.“