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The Magic of Words

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Words are very powerful tool. They are the way, how we share our thoughts and emotions with other people. If people are aware of their real power, they would use them wisely. A word said to the others is like a seed, which is put into the fertile ground. The fertile ground is our subconsciousness. The power of the words said aloud doesn't disappear. It stays in our subconsciousness, it is hidden there, not seen, waiting for the suitable moment for growth. The seed in the ground needs for its growth sun and water. The word in subconsciousness needs for its growth our attention and belief. If we believe, that words said to us are important and we believe them, their message and essence will grow and influence our life!
I am sure you can remember the words of support from some friend or relative, which helped you to overcome some difficult situation. The power of these words gave you the strength to move forward.
And I am also sure, that you can remember the words, which hurt badly, from your schoolmates or colleagues or partners. These words could be said years ago, but they still carry the emotional essence, the feeling of a shame, failure or disgrace.
In the first situation, the words were the white magic, which helped you to move toward more power and light. In the second case, the words were a curse, which have created a block, a barrier for our development.
Every spell, every magic ritual, is about saying what we want to happen. We have to be really careful, what we desire. If we wish it in a wrong way, we attract not what we want, but the opposite! Word has a power, if it is supported by the focused emotion. If our emotion during the ritual is positive, it will bring us positive results. If we say something with fear or doubt, our fear or doubt will manifest.

There is a beautiful fairy tale about the power of words. It is called The Seven Ravens.
There was a man and his wife and they had seven sons. A woman desired a daughter. Wise witch told her to bake eight breads and to choose the best from them and make a spell. But, seven brothers were naughty. They took the bread away and broke it apart. Mother in her frustration cursed them and they turned into ravens and fly away. One year after this tragedy, the daughter was born. When she was older, she found out what happened and she wanted to save her brothers. The same witch counselled her, that there is one possibility to do that. She had to make seven nettle shirts. And it had to be done in following way: she had to pick the nettles with her bare hands, she had to make a cloth from them and to sew the shirts one by one. While doing all these things, she couldn't say any word. Because, in order to say such a words, which would be strong enough to stop the curse, one had to accumulate enough power by not speaking any word at all. Although she was in terrible danger, accused to be a witch, she refused to save her life and to speak for her defence. In the hour of death, on the place of execution, she finished the shirts, threw them onto the brothers and said the words: „Be the humans again!“ The miracle happened. And of course, they lived happily ever after.

What is the message of this wise story? Seven brothers are our human self-confidence, our essence, our deeper nature. It is not serious, it does not care about goals and tasks, it is full of wonder, wants to play. Our mind can think about it as an irresponsible and naughty part of us. If we take into consideration only the outside world, and just material part of our life, we, unconsciously, „curse“ our deeper/spiritual part, and we turn it into a ravens. And then, we feel empty, wonder and joy is not here anymore, our energy is gone. But we may create for ourselves another chance. We can follow an idea to bring our deeper spiritual nature back. This idea is this pure sister, which undergoes heroic path full of pain and danger. But finally, knowing what is right and what is important, she is able to bring the lost parts back, to our mind and consciousness and be the whole again!

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