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Why should I meditate? I am not able just to sit and don't think!

Many people ask us, why do we need for our magical work meditation? Why are we asking also our clients to meditate? For many of them is mediation just wasting of time, boring sitting and staring nowhere… The answer is clear. Meditation is the basis for our magical work and also a strong tool, which helps us to move our clients to situations they desire. Many people believe that meditation is a sort of escape from „real“ life. The opposite is the truth! Real benefit of meditation is, that you became more alert, more alive. Also researches in this area have proved, that meditation increases alertness, clarity and awareness. Meditation helps to create or build self-respect and is the basis for personal change towards more harmony and happiness. Our practice has shown us, that many people are not able to relax, to let things flow and observe. Meditation is simply a tool, a skill, which can be build by regular exercise. It is just the same like with physical exercise- at the beginning it is difficult, but more you practice, better results are achieved.
Meditation means to observe and to gain power from the reality we observe. Observation means, that we explore our minds openly and honestly without denying anything. It is very relaxing to step out from the noisy and hectic world and to experience silence and harmony. If you calm down, you can face up to reality, see the things as they are, not distorted by mind through its own thinking patterns. The perceptions from meditation give us more information and different perspective. This way, we can consciously decide to improve things, which make us stronger and let go of those things, which make us weaker.

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