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The soul is eternal and immortal. How can it die, when the physical body dies? How can a pure energy die? It can be only transformed. This is reincarnation. The concept of reincarnation is not accepted in the christian culture easily. However, there are many cultures, where is idea of reincarnation the part of religion belief. Therefore, I often hear the question coming from European clients: “Is there something as a past life? Is that real?”. And my answer is: “yes, it is”. This “yes” comes from my own experience and knowledge, and the meeting with God.

Have you ever come to some place you’ve never been before and feel that “I know this place!”? Or you start to do some activity for the first time and you know, how to do it properly without explanations? Maybe you met someone and s/he seemed to be very familiar to you. You maybe know this person for a short time, so rationally you cannot know him/her well, but this feeling doesn't come from head.
Because, how can you rationally love more someone you know one day than someone you know already many years? And also your life partner. When you met her/him, there was immediately “something” between you and him/her. There was this feeling, this emotion or calling to come closer and the urge to be with this personality. Have you ever thought why it is so? It is because s/he is someone who reflects you, the needs and desires your own soul. It is because it is him/her, who will help you to release the energy accumulated inside, to dissolve your karmic debt and be free again…

People also often ask me, why we can't remember our previous life? The reason is protection of our mental health. It is because many things in us are not stabilised yet, many emotions locked in the past memories, experiences and also traumas are simply too much for our present state of awareness. Imagine, you would experience a memory from previous life, where you killed some of your relative. Could you normally move forward in this life? Can this knowledge have for you some real value, support you? No, it is impossible. And therefore there is this protective mechanism. The possibility to know and to use the past experiences comes, when we achieve the state of balance and self-possession. Only then it is safe for us to know, who we were and which direction our path goes. Therefore we should meditate, find a way how to love ourselves and to spread this love forward. Then we can inspire also others by our own example. Inspire them to know themselves, that we all are immortal souls and that we descent from eternal awareness, light and love. From this point of view, there is nothing to loose, nothing is needed to change or to know, because in this eternity, there is home for all of us, for our souls and sooner or later we will come there. And…in the deepest point of view, there is no time, no past and no future and we don’t have to go nowhere, because we already are perfect, we are home. We just need to remember and recall this state back.