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What is the soul?

The concept of a soul, as something eternal and immortal what is within us, has fascinated human beings through ages. Holy books around the world speak about the same thing: our life continues also after the death of the body, our material world and our material bodies are not the only reality we can experience.There is another world behind, an other world or heaven or place of peace and joy. We cannot confirm this for sure, because we cannot feel it and reach it in our material bodies. They belong to this world. We can reach there in our "permanent bodies”, which are made of the pure energy. And this permanent part within us, which cannot be changed or hurt, which never dies or get sick…this is our soul.
But how to prove it? Is it possible to feel this immortal part of us also during our life on this earth, in our material bodies? Yes, it is. The tools for achieving this are spiritual practices, meditation and observation. If you observe yourself, you will be aware, which parts of yourself are not permanent. Most visible part of us is our body. It is changing every day (growing, then changing shape and finally getting old), so it is not permanent. Our mind with its thoughts is changing rapidly (jumping from one thing to another whole day), also our feelings are changing like clouds on the sky, they are pure reactions to our situation and thoughts. We are not even this present personality with its name, history, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and dreams! If you compare present yourself with yourself five years ago, you will see that you were different and the change which happened was caused by the circumstances of your life.
So, what are we? …… We are the Observer behind. One, who observes body, thoughts, feelings and personality. We are the peace and silence behind all things, we are awareness, freedom…the life itself! If we want to experience this, our attention has to go deeper, beyond emotions and thoughts... If you want to experience this freedom, observe.
Do you remember that feeling, when you was a child and your life was one big moment without dividing into peaces? Have you ever felt as a child, that you are watching the world through your eyes, but you was somewhere behind?? There was wonder, stillness, joy. You were continuously in the state of higher awareness. Return to this state and you will re-enter the state of happiness and stillness. No words can describe something what is beyond words and space, you can just experience it. To be it without thoughts, analysis and comments.
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