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Reality as a perfect illusion

Many people ask again and again this question:"How do you know that there are some other worlds or realities? Where is the proof?"
The most people believe only what they can see, touch or feel. We cannot show or prove the existence of other realities in a way people want! How can you see beyond this reality with eyes or ears created to sense only this material world? It is impossible. The spiritual truth is surprising and completely different from what people think or believe. This world, which we supposed to be real, is in fact an illusion. What we perceive as real is the Idea of God Almighty, which takes form of what we see, hear and feel. We can realise this only when we are able to observe everything from distance and not to identify with our ego. This realisation comes after changing perception and point view, how we interpret, what we experience. There is one beautiful story about this topic. I offer you here a shorter version of the original story, which can be found in the book Yoga Vasistha written by Swami Venkatesananda:

Once upon a time in a city which did not exist, there were three princes who were brave and happy. One them of two were unborn and the third had not been conceived. Unfortunately all their relatives died. The princes left their city to go elsewhere.
Very soon, unable to bear the heat of the sun, they reached the shade of three trees, of which two did not exist and the third had not even been planted. After resting there for some time and eating the fruits form that trees, they proceeded further.
Then they reached a huge city which was about to built. They entered a palace, which has no walls yet. They took ninety-nine minus hundred grams of rice and cooked it. Then they invited three holy men for dinner. Two of them had no body and the third had no mouth. After they all had eaten the dinner, they were greatly pleased. Thus they lived in that city for a long, long time in peace and joy.

The creation of this world is no more real than this story. This world is nothing more that the idea of the Infinite Consciousness. Meditate about this and try to feel it, not to think about it.

Read more about other worlds. Be aware, that they are so real, as our material world. But they are also not permanent. Then, it makes sense to search for the reality, the spiritual world, which was here before our universe was created, and which will be here also when our universe ends…
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