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To face a curse

What is the curse or negative energy attack? How to deal with such a situation? Read the typical story how things are happening:

I had a problem with one lady, she didn’t like me, I don’t know why… I started to suffer from nightmares and panic attacks without any reason. I didn’t experience anything bad what can start such things. Since then I have become very ill, the nighttime attacks have become relentless and I have been at times suicidal. For a long time I couldn't work out where the psychic abuse was coming from, but now I believe that this lady has used black magic against me. I am exhausted from constantly having to protect myself....I am too weak to do anything much. Could you help me?

Curse can be made by non professionals or professionals. Professional black magic can be really dangerous and need adequate response & protection. Don't underestimate it, don't act of your own and first contact some professional. Here are some general advices in order to minimise the influence of magic on your life:
- meditate and pray. Evil things are opposite of light, so visualize light within your whole body, say loudly holy names of God according to your religion;
- once a week make a salt water bath (1,5 kg of salt put into your bath, then relax for appx. 5 min., imagine how everything bad goes from your body to the water);
- use incense (the one used in church) to clean your house, pray while going with incense to all rooms at home- evil things don't like it;
- black magic wants you to be weak- that’s the reason of the night attacks. If you don’t have proper sleep, you feel weak and your mood is miserable, later, your health can be affected… so you should focus on something that makes you happy, be good and positive towards others. In accordance with the universal law of attraction, what you do and have inside, that is happening also around you. Help and serve others, it makes light in your life and repels evil things. Surround yourself with positive things- positive objects in your room ( for example pictures of the nature on the wall), music you hear (no death metal :-)), movies (only nice and positive)…
- read a spiritual literature- it will clean and inspire you. We recommend for example these authors: Anastasia Novych, N.D.Walsch, D.M.Ruiz, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra or Eckhart Tolle.

Please, find here an instruction, how to do protective spell: Small Pentagram Ritual If possible, do it every evening before sleep.
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