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Can we change our destiny?

My answer is yes! Our future is not set in stone! In fact, we are creating our future moment after moment. Our present situation is the exact result of our past deeds. In the past we acted according to our inner beliefs, opinions, points of view. And these actions have brought us to the places and situations, which we are facing right now. People always do what they consider the best at the present moment. Their decisions show their level of understanding and spirituality. If we want to change our lives, our chance is the present moment! Today! Because, our present decisions and actions are setting the direction of our future. As we said before, we are making our decisions and actions according to our thinking patterns, memories, experiences, knowledge, personal likes and dislikes. But where they come from? All these things, we consider are "us", are just skills we have learned from our close relatives, teachers and society. In the most cases, we don't change our character, we just follow these patterns until something strong challenges us (disease, death, loss of any kind or also desire to live better life). If we are going through the life without deeper analysis, why we are as we are, why we did some decision, then is our behaviour predictable and also our future is predictable. Elisabeth Haich said:

”Change your character and you will change your destiny!”

This is a big true. If you know someone’s character, you can predict, how he will react to certain situation or information. Future is then pure statistics, the 90% probability that something will happened…because there is very big probability, that we will continue without any changes in a personal habits, actions, behaviour and way of life. To say prediction is to point out that something is coming.
Maybe you don’t fully agree with this philosophy and you say: ”But what if something bad comes, for example disease or death of my spouse? This is something what has nothing to do with my character!” Yes, you are right. But also in this situation, the decision is yours! You can decide, if you will give up and die too, physically or mentally…or you mobilise your powers and after the period of grief you decide to live happy and satisfying life again! Your character is the limit, which will show, what future will come. If you are deep inside convinced, that it is not right to live happily after such tragedy, then you alone condemn yourself to unhappy life full of misery. If you have the heart of the warrior, you will fight for your happiness and find your place on the earth again.
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