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What happens when your partner becomes your religion?

I would like to share here the experiences we have with our clients in relationships. There is a pattern that repeats over and over again not just with the people who are our clients, but also in many relationships of our present society. The reason there are so many unhappy and toxic relationships at present is that there is a deep misunderstanding of what love is, and a confusion about where love ends and the animal desire to possess someone begins. Or where love ends and total psychical/psychological dependency on one’s partner begins.

In the most cases, women are the creatures who want to surrender to the men as an expression of their love. They do this to express their deep feelings of connection, and they also expect that their partner will do the same. Unfortunately what they don’t realize is that through creating this strong bond with their partner, they also lose their personality and freedom. This is because they focus on their partner so much, that they start to see nothing but him. For example, a they are able to ‘read’ him immediately — what he wants, what he feels, and they respond by behaving in a way that mirrors him. If their partner is happy and feels good, they feel happy and good. If their partner is frustrated or sad, they suffer as well. Read More…
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