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How to be yourself

Nowadays, we can hear from many sides and in different ways the words "BE YOURSELF". It can be the slogan of some popular product or an attitude of people around us. Many many people, especially young ones, try to follow these words and they try to be themselves, to find their own way. The problem is, that the most people go the outer path, what means that they try to follow those people, ideas or ways, which they can see around them and which seems to lead them to happiness, success or satisfaction. This philosophy of being yourself starts with the way you dress yourself or creating your personal image through choosing travelling destinations, doing certain sport, and ends with the perfect job where people use their talents and become examples for others… All these things are really nice and I have nothing against them. But there is one thing, no one tells you- these things can fulfil your desires and lives only for certain period of time. Sooner or lated everybody comes to the point, that s/he needs something new, something different or "better". Read Moreā€¦