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June 2019

Reality as a perfect illusion

Many people ask again and again this question:"How do you know that there are some other worlds or realities? Where is the proof?"
The most people believe only what they can see, touch or feel. We cannot show or prove the existence of other realities in a way people want! How can you see beyond this reality with eyes or ears created to sense only this material world? It is impossible. The spiritual truth is surprising and completely different from what people think or believe. This world, which we supposed to be real, is in fact an illusion. What we perceive as real is the Idea of God Almighty, which takes form of what we see, hear and feel. We can realise this only when we are able to observe everything from distance and not to identify with our ego. This realisation comes after changing perception and point view, how we interpret, what we experience. There is one beautiful story about this topic. I offer you here a shorter version of the original story, which can be found in the book Yoga Vasistha written by Swami Venkatesananda: Read More…

How to start with magic?

Start with magic
Quite often, we receive this kind of request: “Hello, I want to start practising magic, but I don’t know where to start… I’ve read couple of sites… but haven’t still found the adequate answer… I seek for guidance… can you help me?”
First prerequisite for Magic is self-discipline and inner balance! One cannot do successful magic without discipline. If an adept cannot control his/her thoughts and emotions, energy cannot flow properly. The magic of such person won’t create desired results, but it will strengthen adept’s unbalance. Misaligned people full of passions and anger should not try to deal with Magic, they will never succeed. Magic will, on the contrary, amplify their weaknesses and bad qualities!
Our experience has shown us, that it is necessary to start with the work on oneself. Read More…

Why is my life not improving?

I am trying to be a good and spiritual person. I meditate and read spiritual books, but despite all of my efforts, my life is not improving. Why?

Many people experience this situation, they may feel also being betrayed, frustrated, alone. And because every person is different, there are also different reasons, why is the life situation of certain people not improving. The most common reason is, that people didn't understand the spiritual ideas properly and deeply. The biggest mistake is, that people take some idea, which they like and this idea later serves them as an excuse instead of using it as a light on their spiritual journey. Life is change and it is not proper to solve all situation with just one approach. Life is the art of finding proper behaviour and reaction in every situation.
The best example is the concept “what should happen, it will happen and what is happening, should be happening”. When this truth helps people to understand the „bad“ situation, not to blame yourself and regret, and they can learn from it and not repeat the mistakes again, then it is good. When people use this saying just as an excuse for mistakes they made, not trying to improve or change things for future, then it is wrong.
When people want to progress on their spiritual path, they have to be really sincere with themselves. Read More…