Marion Daghan Malenky

Daghan-Malenky LLC

January 2019

How to be yourself

Nowadays, we can hear from many sides and in different ways the words "BE YOURSELF". It can be the slogan of some popular product or an attitude of people around us. Many many people, especially young ones, try to follow these words and they try to be themselves, to find their own way. The problem is, that the most people go the outer path, they try to follow those people, ideas or ways, which they can see around them and which seems to lead them to happiness, success or satisfaction. Read More…

Why should I meditate? I am not able just to sit and don't think!

Many people ask us, why we need for our magic work meditation? Why we are asking them to meditate? For many of them is mediation just waste of time… The answer is clear. Meditation is basis for our magical work and also strong tool, which helps us to to move our clients to situations they desire. Many people believe that meditation is a sort of escape from „real“ life. The opposite is the truth! Real benefit of meditation is, that you became more alert, more alive. Also research in this area has proved, that meditation increases alertness, clarity and awareness. Read More…