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February 2019

Unconditional Love

I would like to share few thoughts about the unconditional kind of love, which is very strange and not experienced much for most of the adult human beings. You can see this love only in the behaviour of small kids. When we were small, we were open to everything, without judgement. Then, situations and people, who came into our life, taught us, that we could give love only to those, who „deserve“ it. This happens, when our ego reaches its peak power and starts to rule our life. World unconditional means something without conditions. We all know, what does it mean. It means to accept and respect everything with deep concern and understanding, without judgements. This kind of love is described in the Bible and also in other holy books. It is described very clearly, with examples what it is and how to perform it and also with reasons, why it is best for people to „produce“ this kind of love. So, why it is so difficult to do it? Read Moreā€¦