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How to be yourself

Nowadays, we can hear from many sides and in different ways the words "BE YOURSELF". It can be the slogan of some popular product or an attitude of people around us. Many many people, especially young ones, try to follow these words and they try to be themselves, to find their own way. The problem is, that the most people go the outer path, what means that they try to follow those people, ideas or ways, which they can see around them and which seems to lead them to happiness, success or satisfaction. This philosophy of being yourself starts with the way you dress yourself or creating your personal image through choosing travelling destinations, doing certain sport, and ends with the perfect job where people use their talents and become examples for others… All these things are really nice and I have nothing against them. But there is one thing, no one tells you- these things can fulfil your desires and lives only for certain period of time. Sooner or lated everybody comes to the point, that s/he needs something new, something different or "better". Read More…

Why should I meditate? I am not able just to sit and don't think!

Many people ask us, why do we need for our magical work meditation? Why are we asking also our clients to meditate? For many of them is mediation just wasting of time, boring sitting and staring nowhere… The answer is clear. Meditation is the basis for our magical work and also a strong tool, which helps us to move our clients to situations they desire. Many people believe that meditation is a sort of escape from „real“ life. The opposite is the truth! Real benefit of meditation is, that you became more alert, more alive. Also researches in this area have proved, that meditation increases alertness, clarity and awareness. Read More…

Can we change our destiny?

My answer is yes! Our future is not set in stone! In fact, we are creating our future moment after moment. Our present situation is the result of our past deeds. And our present decisions and actions are setting the direction of our future. We make our decisions and actions according to our thinking patterns, memories, experiences, knowledge, personal likes and dislikes. All these things are just “skills” we have learned from our close relatives, teachers and society. If we are going through the life without deeper analysis, why we are as we are, why we did some decision, then is our behaviour predictable and also our future is predictable. Read More…


What is a self-respect? Who respect the self? Someone, who simply likes herself/himself. He or she is totally ok with himself or herself, all the time. It sounds logical and easy. But in fact, it is not. To have a self-respect and like oneself is not about being in love with one's appearance in the mirror, special abilities and talents we possess or life success at work as a company director! The self-respect has nothing to do with the degree of a personal success. Neither is build on the comparing ourselves with others (and realising, that I am better and that means I am very important personality). Such comparing can be tricky. It gives you happiness, when you are better than others. But what happens, if someone else is better than you? Success in life and comparing with others are things, which are increasing our self-esteem, which is something different. Self-esteem is based on being in love with what we have achieved or can achieve in future. Self-respect is given. We simply have it or not. With self-respect, we like ourselves just as we are and we don't need to add something more. We are aware of our strengths and weaknesses and they are not making us happy or unhappy. It is an attitude or state of mind. Read More…

Real forgiveness and Love

We all know very well, what is the meaning of the word forgiveness. But we somehow don’t know, how to practice it. For me, to forgive is a decision, which is against our ego, therefore it is difficult to do!

Here is an example:
Somebody close to you was hurting and mortifying you again and again. Therefore you cannot and also do not want to forgive him. It hurts you so much, that you think about it all the time. This thought controls you completely! This issue disturbs your sleep, energy and you feel weak and alone. Our present life is ruined because of the past! In fact, we don’t want this, we don’t want to suffer anymore, but don’t know, how to do that!
Try to think in peace, how could this all happen? Could you possibly, unconsciously contribute to this situation? Read More…