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How to start with magic?

We receive quite often this kind of requests: “Hello, I want to start practising magic, but I don’t know where to start… I’ve read couple of sites… but haven’t still found the adequate answer… I seek for guidance… can you help me?”

First prerequisite for Magic is self-discipline! One cannot do successful magic without discipline. If an adept cannot control of his/her thoughts and emotions, energy cannot flow properly. The magic of such person won’t create desired results, but it will strengthen adept’s unbalance. Misaligned people full of passions and anger should not try to deal with Magic, they will never succeed. Magic will, on the contrary, amplify their weaknesses and bad qualities!
Our experience has shown us, that it is necessary to start with the work on oneself. If you want to control un-material world, you need stability, strong basis, which will protect you against negative energies/entities and temptations from your own ego. Read More…

Why is my life not improving?

I am trying to be a good and spiritual person. I meditate and read spiritual books, but despite all of my efforts, my life is not improving. Why?

Many people experience this situation, they may feel also being betrayed, frustrated, alone. And because every person is different, there are also different reasons, why is the life situation of certain people not improving. The most common reason is, that people didn't understand the spiritual ideas properly and deeply. The biggest mistake is, that people take some idea, which they like and this idea later serves them as an excuse instead of using it as a light on their spiritual journey. Life is change and it is not proper to solve all situation with just one approach. Life is the art of finding proper behaviour and reaction in every situation. Read More…

To face a curse

What is the curse or negative energy attack? How to deal with such a situation? Read the typical story how things are happening:

“I had a problem with one lady, she didn’t like me, I don’t know why… I started to suffer from nightmares and panic attacks without any reason. I didn’t experience anything bad what can start such things. Since then I have become very ill, the nightime attacks have become relentless and I have been at times suicidal. For a long time I couldn't work out where the psychic abuse was coming from, but now I believe that this lady has used black magic against me. I am exhausted from constantly having to protect myself....I am too weak to do anything much. Could you help me?” Read More…

What happens when your partner becomes your religion?

I would like to share here the experiences we have with our clients in relationships. There is a pattern that repeats over and over again not just with the people who are our clients, but also in many relationships of our present society. The reason there are so many unhappy and toxic relationships at present is that there is a deep misunderstanding of what love is, and a confusion about where love ends and the animal desire to possess someone begins. Or where love ends and total psychical/psychological dependency on one’s partner begins.

In the most cases, women are the creatures who want to surrender to the men as an expression of their love. They do this to express their deep feelings of connection, and they also expect that their partner will do the same. Unfortunately what they don’t realize is that through creating this strong bond with their partner, they also lose their personality and freedom. This is because they focus on their partner so much, that they start to see nothing but him. For example, a they are able to ‘read’ him immediately — what he wants, what he feels, and they respond by behaving in a way that mirrors him. If their partner is happy and feels good, they feel happy and good. If their partner is frustrated or sad, they suffer as well. Read More…

Sexual Magic

Sex & Magic

Sexual magic or sex magic is a very important topic these days. In today’s world, many people suffer from depression, inability to relate, and problems with attachments in relationships.

We are all One. The beginning of the creation of the universe was a word, energy and intention. At first, there was only the mind, love and the soul which became matter.

We gave two opposite poles, two sexes so that we can develop better as beings and having sex is not a sin. The issue is not whether or not to have sex, but just like the food we put in our bodies, the question is about the quality…about what, how much and why. Anyone who eats too much or too little will suffer. And anyone who tries to use food as a way to relieve stress or find fulfillment will fail. It’s the same thing with sex!

Sex can be a way to the access the Divine, because we can experience ‘Oneness’ or ‘We are all one’ through sex. When experienced with passion, tenderness and feeling, sex can take us to heaven but when approached with violence, torment and selfishness, it can open the door to hell. Read More…