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The Magic of Words

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Words are very powerful tool. They are the way, how we share our thoughts and emotions with other people. If people realize their real power, they would use them wisely. A word said to the others is like a seed, which is put into the fertile ground. The fertile ground is our unconsciousness. The power of the words said alout doesn't disapear. It stays in our unconsciousness, it is hidden there, not seen, waiting for the suitable moment for growth. The seed in the ground needs for its growth sun and water. The word in unconsciousness needs for its growth our attention and belief. If we think about words said to us that they are important and we believe them, their message and essence will grow and influence our life! Read More…


The concept of reincarnation is not accepted in the christian culture easily. However, there are many cultures, where is idea of reincarnation the part of religion belief. Therefore, I often hear the question coming from European clients: “Is there something as a past life? Is that real?”. And my answer is: “yes, it is”. This “yes” comes from my own experience and knowledge, and the meeting with God.
Have you ever come to some place you’ve never been before and feel that “I know this place!”? Or you start to do some activity for the first time and you know, how to do it properly without explanations? Maybe you met someone and s/he seemed to be very familiar to you. You maybe know this person for a short time, so rationally you cannot know him/her well, but this feeling doesn't come from head. Read More…

States of the human mind

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Unconditional Love

I would like to share few thoughts about an unconditional love. For the most of the adults, this kind of love is very rare and it is not experienced much. You can see this love only in the behaviour of small kids. When we were small, we were open to everything, without judgement. We were deep in the divine neutrality. Then, situations and people, who came into our life, taught us, that we could give love only to those, who „deserve“ it. This happens, when our ego reaches its peak power and starts to rule our life.
The word "unconditional" means something without conditions. We all know, what does it mean. It means to accept and respect everything with deep concern and understanding, without judgements. Read More…

What is the soul?

The idea of immortality has fascinated human beings through ages. Holy books around the world speak about the same thing: our life continues also after death, our material world and our material bodies are not the only reality we can experience. There is another world behind, other world or heaven or place of peace and joy. But we cannot feel it and reach it in our material bodies. They belong to this world. We can reach it in our permanent “body”, which is made of pure energy. And this permanent part within us, which cannot be changed or hurt, which never dies or get sick…this is our soul. Read More…