Theurgist, Musician and Mathematician
<i>Pavol Malenky</i>
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Pavol Malenky

Everybody is a Mage. In order to develop these magical skills, every student has to recognize him/herself as an immortal eternal soul and to master his/her own thoughts and emotions.

Pavol Malenky

Something about my husband and the closest helper

Pavol Malenky, was born in Poprad, Slovakia in 1972. He started to practice yoga and meditations at the age of 15. Since then, he has been practicing spiritual exercises and meditation every day of his life. After finishing secondary grammar school in Poprad, he studied Mathematics and Sport at the Comenius University in Bratislava. He worked in an Insurance company in Munich as a Mathematician and Account Manager for seven years. From 2008, he has been working with me as a Mage and Counsellor.

We have together developed our own magical working model, which integrates all world religions and magical systems. It was designed and it arises from information from astral plane and ethical analogies from many places of this world. This magical model is still developing further, and we are continually doing new improvements. We want to share here our message to all people:

There is no reason for fighting for religions or different magical systems. All religions of this world have come from one source and they have common origin. All of these systems complement each other perfectly and we can find also our perfection by seeing the world from different views and cultures.

Pavol Malenky

Childhood and Youth

Pavol Malenky’s life was strongly influenced by his father, who was a dissident in former communist Czechoslovakia. Dissidents were people who openly criticised the communist regime and showed their disagreement with this regime. Communist party punished these people by refusing them and their families a decent job or higher education. Pavol Malenky’s father could not find a good job and he turned to alcohol for consolation. This led to his early death at the age of 45. He was interested in magic and mystics and Pavol could find a number of spiritual books in his father’s library. On the other hand, Pavol had to think a lot about human life and its meaning when he saw the alcoholism and aggression of his father. This brought him to his magical and yoga practice. At the age of 15, he started to practice yoga exercises and meditation. He also read spiritual books, not only Bible, but also sacred books of Hinduism and Buddhism. Pavol foretold the death of his father and then he stayed several months in contact with his deceased father and was able to interpret father’s messages to his mother. At the age of 20, Pavol had the first experience of the memory of his previous lifetime.
After his graduation at the secondary grammar school, Pavol Malenky studied Sport and Mathematic. After his 3rd year at the University, Pavol started to live in Yoga Ashram. In Ashram he followed daily program: meditation at 5am and 8pm and regular Pujas (worships of God). Pavol Malenky was there in contact with many spiritual seekers. He was also in close contact with mysticism of Hinduism and Buddhism, and he started to improve his skills in the area of astral travels. He was also known as the one who can read other's thoughts.
Pavol Malenky wrote his graduation thesis about the influence of yoga and meditation on the performance of a sportsman. The graduation thesis was evaluated with the best marks and was accepted also by spiritual skeptics.
After finishing his studies, Pavol Malenky spent one year in military service. There he improved further his meditation and spiritual abilities. He was in paratrooper forces and the officer offered him, because of his extraordinary abilities, to stay there. But Pavol Malenky decided to leave.
After ending his military service Pavol Malenky wanted to learn German language. He could speak English and Russian languages and he decided to go to Germany to learn and improve his skills there. He lived in Munich for seven years. At first, he worked as a programmer and later as an Account manager in a Munich Insurance Company. He was responsible for the Eastern Europe branch (Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine).
The business with Russia was growing rapidly, so the company decided to open new branch in Moscow. Pavol Malenky worked there as a Senior Accounts Manager for 2,5 years. Shortly before his departure to Moscow, Pavol met his wife. They knew and loved each other in previous life. He also started to be in contact with his Voodoo Master Bushido. He went through initiations and he was consecrated as a Voodoo Priest. Master Bushido recommended him to leave his job and to fully focus on magic and music. Pavol Malenky started to deal only with Magic and Mystique in 2008.
He performs Love Magic, as well as Protective Magic, Magic for removal of inner barriers and Magic for Success.

Pavol Malenky

Unity of all Religions

In every religion or spiritual teaching is some deeper true. At the same time, in every religion there are also fanatics and fanatical opinions, which have come to the religions and belief systems later and they try to use such a system or religion to have a power.
So, every religion or magical system has started after some time of existence with some kind of censorship or re-writing.
For me, magic is a way of life! It is a life adjustment and a process, how to cope with problems and challenges of the life. One cannot practice magic 8 hours a day and then do and think about something else! If somebody wants to be real Mage and have real results, his/her whole life has to be the Practice, and then s/he is an Adept or a Mage!
All living beings- people, animals, plants should and have to live on this planet in harmony and symbiosis. And our technical development should serve the nature- to protect it, not to destroy it. If we destroy our nature, animals and plants, we would destroy also ourselves. That's why is for me and also for Marion Daghan-Malenky priority to live such a way of life, which would protect the living environment and nature itself.

„A fight is going on inside of everybody head… It is between two wolves. One is evil–he is ego, anger, arrogance, sorrow, greed, inferiority, lies and other is good – he is love, joy, hope, peace, truth, compassion, and faith."
"Which wolf will win?" 💡 “The one you feed.“