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  • Marion Daghan-Malenky Marion Daghan-Malenky ❦ has been concerned with magic, voodoo and fortune telling since she was fifteen years old. ⁜ Daghan-Malenky LLC
  • Pavol Malenky Meet the real Mage! Pavol Malenky and his wife Marion Daghan- Malenky. Theurgist, Musician and Mathematician: Pavol Malenky and his way of magic.
  • Experience Magic Are you interestend in Magic? Experience it! Here you can find many useful information about Magic practice from Marion Daghan-Malenky. ⁜
  • Magic: good or bad? People ask me again and again:” Under which circumstances is Magic good and when is bad? Where is the border between good and bad?” Read more here...
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